Mission Statement


CTO (former OCIS) focuses on the study of behavioral, economic, and social aspects of communication and information systems within and among organizations or institutions.
Major topics include:

  • interpersonal communication;
  • verbal, nonverbal, and electronic communication;
  • vertical, horizontal and diagonal communication;
  • inter-group and intra-group communication;
  • communication networks;
  • applications of information technology in business and society;
  • organizational adoption of communication and information technology;
  • communication and information strategy and policy;
  • communication and organizational culture;
  • communication and information research methodology;
  • managing information technology services; virtual teams, virtual work, and virtual organizations;
  • the management of information systems professionals;
  • e-communications;
  • information systems development;
  • managing IT-related organizational change;
  • business, e-commerce, and e-markets;
  • electronic value systems, value chains, and value webs;
  • privacy and ethics;
  • knowledge work, knowledge workers, and knowledge networks;
  • IT infrastructure; governance of IT services;
  • and organizational networks.