CTO Contest

OCIS Contest 2018


Dear OCIS Division members,

We need you!
The OCIS division is looking to find new members. More precisely, it is looking to have great (new and established) scholars discover and become members of the division. As members of OCIS, you already know that the research we all do is cutting-edge and that our spirit is collegial and conducive to innovative new ideas, methods, and theories. So, there is no doubt that you are willing and able to help bring new members to the division. We even have a contest for that! And prizes in the form of gift certificates! For this, help recruit new OCIS members and keep track of these new members.

Let us know by July 30th 2018 who you were able to recruit.
To participate, simply send an email to the Emmanuelle Vaast, OCIS Division Chair, at emmanuelle.vaast@mcgill.ca with the names of all the new OCIS members you were able to recruit. That’s it! We will give prizes and awards to the OCIS members who were most successful at recruiting and will announce the winners during the OCIS Business meeting at the AOM Conference in August.

If you do have any question regarding the contest, please contact Emmanuelle Vaast, OCIS Division Chair.