Award Winners

#AOM2022 CTO Award Winners

#AOM2022 CTO Award Winners were announced during the Annual Business Meeting on August, 8th

Congratulations go to:

CTO Lifetime Service Award

Dr. Youngjin Yoo, Weatherhead School of Management

Best Published Paper Award:

Winner - Hatim A. Rahman: The Invisible Cage: Workers’ Reactivity to Opaque Algorithmic Evaluations (Administrative Science Quarterly)

Runner Up 1 - Hani Safadi, Steven L. Johnson, & Samer Faraj: Who Contributes Knowledge? Core-Periphery Tension in Online Innovation Communities (Organization Science)

Runner Up 2 - Nicholas Berente, Bin Gu, Jan Recker, & Radhika Santhanam: Managing Artificial Intelligence (MISQ)

Runner Up 3 - Brian T. Pentland, Emmanuelle Vaast, & Julie Ryan Wolf: Theorizing Process Dynamics with Directed Graphs: A Diachronic Analysis of Digital Trace Data (MISQ)

Best Division Paper Award:

Winner - Ryan Stice-Lusvardi, Pamela Hinds, & Melissa Valentine: Legitimating Illegitimate Practices: How Data Analysts Compromise Standards to Promote Quantification

Runner Up 1 - Lauren Waardenburg, Anastasia Sergeeva, & Marleen Huysman: Juggling Street Work and Data Work: An Ethnography of Policing and Reporting Practices

Runner Up 2 - Sihan Fang, Anand Gopal, Hyeokko Kwon, & Yongjin Park: Return of the Movie Night? Analyzing the Impact of Netflix Subscriptions on Offline Movie Spending


CTO DeSanctis Award:

Camille Endacott, UC Santa Barbara: Consequences of AI Agents Communicating on One’s Behalf for Impression Management


Newman Award Nominee:

Lukas Falcke, University of St Gallen: Online Networking at Virtual Conferences: Feature Usage and Relational vs. Structural Social Capital

Dexter Award Nominee:

Elmira Van Den Broek, Stockholm School of Economics; Natalia Levina, NYU; Anastasia Sergeeva, Vrije Universiteit: In Pursuit of Data: Negotiating Data Tensions Between Data Scientists and Users of AI Tools


CTO Best Student Paper Award:

Outstanding AE Awards 2022:

  • Sarah Lebovitz, University of Virginia
  • Lauren Waardenburg, IESEG School of Management
  • Lauri Wessel, European New School of Digital Studies

    Best Reviewer Awards 2022

    • Robert Fuller, University of Tennessee
    • Valerie Handunge, Warwick Business School
    • Tay Minh Huynh, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
    • Christina Shah, IIM Kozhikode
    • Yulia Litvinova, WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management & University of Liechtenstein

    CTO Lifetime Service Award

    Dr. Youngjin Yoo, Weatherhead School of Management

    Past awards:
    2021: Mary Beth Watson-Manheim
    2020: Manju Ahuja
    2019: Nosh Contractor
    2018: Kevin Crowston. 
    2017: Elizabeth Davidson
    2016: Marshall Scott Poole
    2015: Ann Majchrzak
    2014: JoAnne Yates
    2013: Carol Saunders
    2012: Janet Fulk/Peter Monge
    2011: Robert Zmud
    2010: Cynthia Beath/Daniel Robey

    Sarah Lebovitz, about her experiences being AE:

    "After being an active reviewer and author for the CTO division for several years, I was invited to be an AE by one of the CTO division leaders. I was assigned three papers to handle, and the reviewers were already assigned. Once the review period ended, I carefully read the submitted paper independently, taking note of my own thoughts along the way and then reading each reviewer's comments. Fantastically, the reviewers and my own thoughts were usually along the same line of thinking towards "accept" or "reject", so it was not that challenging to provide comments to the authors and make a final recommendation to the Chairs. It was a joy to read the submitted work and to have the opportunity to learn from the insights of our outstanding CTO reviewers."