Award Winners

#AOM2022 CTO Award Winners

#AOM2022 CTO Award Winners were announced during the Annual Business Meeting on August, 8th

Congratulations go to:

CTO Lifetime Service Award

Dr. Youngjin Yoo, Weatherhead School of Management

Best Published Paper Award:

Winner - Hatim A. Rahman: The Invisible Cage: Workers’ Reactivity to Opaque Algorithmic Evaluations (Administrative Science Quarterly)

Runner Up 1 - Hani Safadi, Steven L. Johnson, & Samer Faraj: Who Contributes Knowledge? Core-Periphery Tension in Online Innovation Communities (Organization Science)

Runner Up 2 - Nicholas Berente, Bin Gu, Jan Recker, & Radhika Santhanam: Managing Artificial Intelligence (MISQ)

Runner Up 3 - Brian T. Pentland, Emmanuelle Vaast, & Julie Ryan Wolf: Theorizing Process Dynamics with Directed Graphs: A Diachronic Analysis of Digital Trace Data (MISQ)

Best Division Paper Award:

Winner - Ryan Stice-Lusvardi, Pamela Hinds, & Melissa Valentine: Legitimating Illegitimate Practices: How Data Analysts Compromise Standards to Promote Quantification

Runner Up 1 - Lauren Waardenburg, Anastasia Sergeeva, & Marleen Huysman: Juggling Street Work and Data Work: An Ethnography of Policing and Reporting Practices

Runner Up 2 - Sihan Fang, Anand Gopal, Hyeokko Kwon, & Yongjin Park: Return of the Movie Night? Analyzing the Impact of Netflix Subscriptions on Offline Movie Spending


CTO DeSanctis Award:

Camille Endacott, UC Santa Barbara: Consequences of AI Agents Communicating on One’s Behalf for Impression Management


Newman Award Nominee:

Lukas Falcke, University of St Gallen: Online Networking at Virtual Conferences: Feature Usage and Relational vs. Structural Social Capital

Dexter Award Nominee:

Elmira Van Den Broek, Stockholm School of Economics; Natalia Levina, NYU; Anastasia Sergeeva, Vrije Universiteit: In Pursuit of Data: Negotiating Data Tensions Between Data Scientists and Users of AI Tools


CTO Best Student Paper Award:

  • Alan Zhang, MIT (with Wanda Orlikowski): Regenerative Coordination: Working with Algorithms to Produce Live Services
  • Bomi Kim, Vrije Universiteit (with Mohammad Hosein Rezazade Mehrizi): Generating Knowledge Around the Unknowable Algorithm

Outstanding AE Awards 2022:

  • Sarah Lebovitz, University of Virginia
  • Lauren Waardenburg, IESEG School of Management
  • Lauri Wessel, European New School of Digital Studies

    Best Reviewer Awards 2022

    • Robert Fuller, University of Tennessee
    • Valerie Handunge, Warwick Business School
    • Tay Minh Huynh, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
    • Chrisstina Shah, IIM Kozhikode
    • Yulia Litvinova, WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management & University of Liechtenstein

    CTO Lifetime Achievements

    Past awards:

    2022: Youngjin Yoo
    2021: Mary Beth Watson-Manheim
    2020: Manju Ahuja
    2019: Nosh Contractor
    2018: Kevin Crowston. 
    2017: Elizabeth Davidson
    2016: Marshall Scott Poole
    2015: Ann Majchrzak
    2014: JoAnne Yates
    2013: Carol Saunders
    2012: Janet Fulk/Peter Monge
    2011: Robert Zmud
    2010: Cynthia Beath/Daniel Robey