#AOM2015-2020 CTO Keynotes

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2019 - 2020

OCIS 2020 Keynotes: Viewpoints of the past, present and future of OCIS (video & transcripts)

2020 - 09 - 10

This year’s plenary session featured several scholars who provided their viewpoint of the past, present and future of our Community. 
Please, read the transcripts of the keynote speeches:
  • Janet Fulk: #subjective historical process #business communications #interdisciplinarity read the transcript
  • Ann Majchrzak: #practical pursuits #scientific policy statements #support decision making #inclusiveness of stakeholders read the transcript
  • Youngjin Yoo: #revising assumptions #digital innovations #platform organizations #embeddedness in geopolitical discourse #changing computer architectures #transdisciplinary work read the transcript
  • Kevin Crowston: #communication through technology #opportunities drawn by Covid crisis read the transcript
  • Paul Leonardi: #modelling #predictive policing #constructivism #performativity #organization of work #stochasticity read the transcript
More information on the future of the Community is available in the 5-Year Review Report.

All registered participants of this year's #AOM Annual virtual Meeting may have access to the whole video
For all other scholars and practitioners interested in the topics of the AOM in general and of our Community in particular, the link will be provided later this year (November).

OCIS 2019 Keynote, featuring Noshir Contractor

2019 - 09 - 11

During the first semester of the PhD programme, Prof. Janet Fulk and Prof. Peter Monge as intellectual parents suggested Noshir Contractor to work in the field of Organizational Communication. The PhD student immediately went to the library card catalogs as one used to do in the pre-Internet era and found 77 articles on the topic of "Organisational Communication". A bit puzzled, his intellectual parents suggested him to do some more literature search on “Organizational Communication” with the “z”. A letter change allowed him to find more than 2 thousand articles at that time. Since then, the research interest in this field continued to improve witnessed by more than 60 thousand research articles.

OCIS 2018 Keynote, featuring Sirkka Jarvenpaa

2018 - 09 - 15
Medicine is at a turning point because of advances in the ways that we can handle large amounts of unstructured and semi-structured data. Hefty investments are being made in strategic initiatives aimed at developing a digital infrastructure for the collection, integration, and distribution of health data. Often coordinated by governments, these strategic initiatives involve a myriad of private actors who collectively contribute to shaping an infrastructure that will pave the way to new medical discoveries over the next 10 to 20 years. In the United States, the “Precision Medicine Initiative” (also known as the “All of Us” Research Program) is collecting genetic data, biological samples, and other information about the health of one million volunteers with the goals of better predicting disease risk, understanding how diseases occur, and improving diagnosis and treatment strategies.

Meet an IS Scholar: Interview with Sirkka Jarvenpaa

2018 - 08 - 31
It is our pleasure to introduce a new OCIS Video Series titled "Meet an IS Scholar." As part of this video series, we will feature senior scholars who are willing to share their wealth of experience with the OCIS research community in an informal and engaging way. These videos are meant to inspire OCIS members and reinforce a sense of community.

Work in the Age of Intelligent Machines: Towards Disciplinary Convergence

2018 - 08 - 11
The Professional Development Workshop (PDW) Work in the Age of Intelligent Machines: Towards Disciplinary Convergence was held at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting on 11 August 2018 in Chicago, USA. The PDW explored ways in which human work and occupations will be changed as artificial intelligence becomes more increasingly prevalent in the workplace. The PDW was a part of a series of workshops funded by a National Science Foundation (NSF) convergence grant on the future of work. A range of academic, industry, and government participants engaged in collective identification of key research questions which merit further study.


OCIS 2017 Keynote, featuring Marshall Van Alstyne

2017 - 10 - 07
On Monday, August 7, 2017, Professor Marshall Van Alstyne (Boston University) masterfully delivered the OCIS keynote at the 77th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. His keynote – entitled “Platform Ecosystems: How Networks Invert the Firm” – focused on three key ideas: we will see a rise in large and gigantic firms, platform firms always beat product firms, and network effects invert the firm.

OCIS 2017 Best Student Paper Award: Corinna Frey & Michael Barrett

2017 - 08 - 31
Today, we are introducing a video in which Corinna Frey (Rotterdam School of Management) presents a paper written with Michael Barrett (Cambridge University) titled "A Pragmatic View on Multi-Sectoral Knowledge".

2015 - 2016

OCIS 2016 Keynote and Panels: Big Data

2016 - 11 - 04
Welcoming participants, incoming OCIS Division Chair Mary Beth Watson-Manheim explained that OCIS Executive committee explored different PDW topics and settled on Big Data as potentially affecting many different research areas in OCIS and the larger AOM membership. The committee was thus pleased to have been able to assemble an outstanding group of experts to discuss Big Data from different perspectives focusing on implications for research on organizations and technology, including the opening up new research areas and methods, as well as funding opportunities and ethical dilemmas involved. The PDW comprised a keynote talk by Alex (Sandy) Pentland, MIT and short presentations followed by panel discussion with Anindya Ghose, NYU; M. Lynne Markus, Bentley University; Ashish Thapliyal, Citrix Systems Inc.; and Heng Xu, National Science Foundation and Penn State University.

OCIS 2016 Keynote, featuring Michael Barrett

The abstract of Michael Barrett’s keynote, at the AOM annual meeting (Monday, Aug. 8 at 4.45pm – Anaheim, California).

The abstract is available per request.

Performing Research, Researching Performativity

2015 - 11 - 05
The guest speaker for 2015 in Vancouver was Prof. Wanda Orlikowski (MIT) who needs no introduction. The title of her talk – “Performing Research, Researching Performativity” – might be economic in words, but as one could expect from Prof. Orlikowski, deep in content (and even a little humorous).