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MISQ June Editorial (in advance)

  • 1.  MISQ June Editorial (in advance)

    Posted 05-26-2023 20:26

    Dear Colleagues

    I will send a note promoting our June MISQ issue in a just few short days once it is available in all the research repositories/databases.

    I'm just sending this note in advance to share our June editorial, in which we reflect on how journals such as MISQ should judge and improve their research impact.  It can be freely downloaded here:

    My thanks to the leaders who contributed their independent thoughts in our editorial: Mark Fuller, Andrew Jack, Ramayya Krishnan, Christina Soh, and Kar Yan Tam.  I will also take this opportunity to give a shout out to Robert Davison and Paul Lowry for their editorial in ISJ (, which covers complementary ground. 

    Best regards, Andrew.

    Andrew Burton-Jones

    Professor of Business Information Systems

    UQ Business School

    The University of Queensland
    Editor-in-Chief, MIS Quarterly

    Andrew Burton-Jones
    University of Queensland
    Brisbane QLD
    (604) 827-3260