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  • 1.  CTO Election Results

    Posted 05-20-2023 15:27

    Greetings, CTO Members –

    The election results are in and I'd like to announce the outcome. 

    First, let me thank everyone who appeared on the ballot and was willing to serve the division.  We had an excellent slate of candidates.  I hope those who volunteered and were considered for nomination and those who were nominated but not elected this time will continue to answer the call and respond with "YES!" when another opportunity to serve CTO arises. 

    Second, I want to thank each of you who voted.  Our participation rate was 14.5%.  Thank you for expressing your opinion and helping to decide who will lead CTO in the coming years.

    Third, the results:

    Division Program Chair-Elect / PDW Chair – Roberta Bernardi

    Practitioner Representative at Large – Hermella Girmay Tekle

    Treasurer – Anne-Sophie Mayer

    Congratulations to the new members of the CTO leadership team!  And again, many thanks to all who were willing to serve CTO by being considered for nomination, being nominated, and of course, those who voted in the election. 

    Warm regards,

    Kathy Chudoba

    Past Division Chair

    Katherine Chudoba
    Utah State University
    Logan UT
    (435) 890-8105