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Hiring for Post-Doc Positions on Digital Technology & Democracy

  • 1.  Hiring for Post-Doc Positions on Digital Technology & Democracy

    Posted 10-29-2023 15:48
    I'm one of the founding faculty leads for the brand new Digital Technology & Democracy Lab at the University of Virginia Karsh Institute of Democracy. I'm excited to announce our first major initiative - a very special post-doc program:
    ➡ It's open to all kinds of scholarly output related to DT & Democracy - this can be qual / quant / artistic / or, really, any approach.
    ➡ Post-docs can focus on their own research agenda with mentorship from faculty leads and other UVA faculty.
    ➡ Post-docs will be part of a multi-disciplinary cohort.
    ➡ These are 2-year positions with pay of $65,000 AND research funding of $5,000 per year AND standard UVA resources will be provided, including healthcare, computing resources, library support, and more!

    Applicants must have their Ph.D. , S.J.D. or equivalent degree in hand by the beginning of the fellowship. 

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    Regards, steven.

    Steven L. Johnson, Ph.D. (he/his/him)

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