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* MISQ: Editorials, Awards, New Editors*

  • 1.  * MISQ: Editorials, Awards, New Editors*

    Posted 11-26-2022 21:17

    Dear Colleagues


    In a week's time, I will send out the details of our December MISQ issue.  I am just sending this exciting news in advance, because the Dec issue is quite large, and I don't want any of it being missed.




    We have TWO editorials in the Dec issue, both downloadable here: 


    • Monteiro, E., Constantinides, P., Scott, S., Shaikh, M., and Burton-Jones, A. (2022) "Editor's Comments: Qualitative Research Methods in Information Systems: A Call for Phenomenon-Focused Problematization, MIS Quarterly 46(4), pp. iii-xix.

    Direct link:


    • Xu, H., and Dinev, T. (2022) "Guest Editorial: Reflections on the 2021 Impact Award: Why Privacy Still Matters," MIS Quarterly 46(4), pp. xx-xxxii. 

    Direct link:


    These two editorials will surely become staple readings in doctoral programs around the world!




    Sincere congratulations to the following authors for their outstanding papers! 


    ** Paper of the Year for 2021

    Lebovitz, S., Levina, N., & Lifshitz-Assaf, H. (2021). Is AI ground truth really true? The dangers of training and evaluating AI tools based on experts' know-what. MIS Quarterly, 45(3), 1501-1526.


    ** MISQ Impact Award (for the best paper published a decade prior, i.e., 2011-2013)

    Leonardi, P. M. (2011). When flexible routines meet flexible technologies: Affordance, constraint, and the imbrication of human and material agencies. MIS Quarterly, 35(1), 147-167.


    And a very nice anecdote.  In the review process of Paul Leonardi's paper, one of the reviewers clearly predicted this award.  The reviewer wrote over 12 years ago:    

    • "I can imagine this paper becoming very influential in years to come because it offers a solution to an intellectual puzzle that for too long has resisted analysis."  Well said! 




    Congratulations to the following reviewers and editors for their incredible service:


    Reviewer of the Year for 2021

    Hilal Atasoy, Rutgers University

    Gene Moo Lee, Sauder School of Business

    Shachar Reichman, Tel Aviv University


    Outstanding Associate Editor for 2021

    Adela Chen, Colorado State University

    John Dong, Nanyang Technological University

    Jing Wang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology




    In 2023, we welcome an incredible group of scholars to our board:


    Incoming Associate Editors

    Tomer Geva, Tel-Aviv University

    Weiyin Hong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

    Allen C. Johnston, University of Alabama

    Alexander Maedche, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

    Srinivasan Raghunathan, University of Texas, Dallas

    Wen Wen, University of Texas, Austin

    Dezhi (Denny) Yin, University of South Florida


    Incoming Senior Editors

    Jungpil Hahn, National University of Singapore

    Ofir Turel, University of Melbourne

    Emmanuelle Vaast, McGill University

    Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang, Tsinghua University




    In Dec 2022, the following editors are also rotating off the MISQ Board.  They have been outstanding servant leaders for MISQ and for our field. 


    Outgoing Associate Editors

    Ning Nan, University of British Columbia

    Min-Seok Pang, Temple University

    Israr Qureshi, Australian National University

    Jui Ramaprasad, University of Maryland, College Park

    Yuqing Ren, University of Minnesota

    Susan Scott, London School of Economics

    Ofir Turel, University of Melbourne

    Ling Xue, Georgia State University


    Outgoing Senior Editors

    Gerald C. Kane, University of Georgia

    Eivor Oborn, University of Warwick

    James Thong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

    Siva Viswanathan, University of Maryland, College Park

    Sean (Xin) Xu, Tsinghua University



    And finally, for everyone in the USA right now, Happy Thanksgiving!




    Andrew Burton-Jones

    Professor of Business Information Systems

    UQ Business School

    The University of Queensland
    Editor-in-Chief, MIS Quarterly

    Andrew Burton-Jones
    University of Queensland
    Brisbane QLD
    (604) 827-3260