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    Posted 08-07-2019 17:36
    Apologises for cross-posting

    Dear Colleagues:

    with the AOM meeting just about to begin, you may wish to consider the following initiative and sessions related to the emerging cross-divisional field of Organizational Neuroscience.

    Interest Group in Organizational Neuroscience & Petition

    The Division & Interest Groups Relations (DIGR) Committee of the AOM has recently approved a plan to move towards a proposal for an interest group in Organizational Neuroscience within the AOM. The next step towards the formalization of such an interest group is to have at least 500 active AOM members signing a petition of support.

     To help achieve this goal you could:

    1. Join the newly formed AOM@Connect Community in Organizational Neuroscience and sign the on-line petition (it takes a few minutes only)
    2. Sign a hard copy of the petition at the AOM Meeting's sessions mentioned below. 

    Scholarly Sessions in Organizational Neuroscience at the AOM Meeting Boston

    Caucus: Organizational Neuroscience: Towards an Interest Group
    Program Session: 1073 | Scheduled: Monday, Aug 12 2019 11:30AM - 1:00PM at The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel in Commonwealth Room

    Symposium: Building a Field of Organizational Neuroscience: Challenges and Prospects
    Program Session: 1789 | Scheduled: Tuesday, Aug 13 2019 9:45AM - 11:15AM at Sheraton Boston Hotel in Independence West
    Please do not hesitate to contact either David Waldman ( or me ( if you would like to know more about the proposed interest group in Organizational Neuroscience. Thanks in advance for your support!

    Have a great time in Boston!


    Sebastiano Massaro Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Organizational Neuroscience | University of Surrey | Surrey Business School
    Associate Professor of Behavioral Science (Hon.) | Warwick University | School of Engineering
    Director | The Organizational Neuroscience Laboratory